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Our quality is recognized worldwide.

Conventional & Organic Bananas

From the beautiful tropical lands in Mexico to the world... Our bananas are grown in our own fields in Colima, Chiapas, and Tabasco.
We are banana experts
With over 50 years of experience as growers, in Coliman Bananas we perfectly know all the implications in the management of bananas.

Quality guarantee
We follow the strictest quality control standards through all stages of the growing, packing and shipping process.

Perfect flavor and color
Our fruit is carefully selected by highly qualified personnel, taking into account the correct length, the ideal calibration, as well as the ideal humidity of the peel and pulp.

Innovation & technology
Our fruits are protected against low temperatures to preserve their quality from its cultivation to sorting stage, where bunches are cut by hand and transported from cutting to packing and cooling facilities, to ensure its life and maximum quality until arrival to their final destination.

Quality certifications
We operate according to the official regulations and programs of:

  • Health and hygiene
  • Food safety
  • Phytosanitary measures
  • Quality standards

We have global strategic alliances with producers from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Ivory Coast.

Packaging and labeling
As an added value, we have the ability to customize the labels and packaging of our bananas to help our customers meet the demands and regulations of local markets.

Production and packaging centers in Mexico, in the states of Colima, Chiapas and Tabasco.

Farming & packing centers
Our banana farms, packing and distribution centers are strategically located. This allows us to optimize delivery times, reaching more than 4,000,000 boxes sold per year.

High production capacity
We have our own production of around 1,500 hectares in the states of Colima and Chiapas, in Mexico.

In addition, in a strategic alliance with other producers in México, we market more than 1,500 hectares of fruit distributed in Colima, Chiapas, Tabasco, Michoacán and Jalisco.

We also have some alliances with banana producers in Brazil, Colombia, the Ivory Coast and the Dominican Republic, for the marketing of around 1,000 hectares of their products in the United States and Europe.

In total, we market a production of 4,000 hectares of bananas in the national and international markets.

Organic & sustainable
Through Coliman Organic, we are committed to maintaining a fresh product and providing the customer with the best and most delicious bananas. Our goal is to be the most socially and environmentally conscious organic banana producer in the world.

Socially responsible
In addition to worrying about maintaining high quality standards, we also care about providing well-being to our people and taking care of our land.

Global recognition
We’ve made a name for ourselves worldwide. Throughout the years, our business has expanded from Mexico to North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, consolidating ourselves as one of the most important organic banana producers in the world.