Because quality is our commitment, we comply with the highest national and international quality standards.

Quality and safety certifications

Both our processes and our products meet the highest quality standards nationally and internationally.

Commitment to social welfare

Our commitment is, in addition to providing a quality product, to seek social welfare and provide better opportunities for the benefit of our people, the people around us and the environment.

Fair trade

Fairtrade commitment
Through Fairtrade certification (obtained since 2014) we seek to improve working conditions and the general well-being of our workers on agricultural plantations. By becoming certified, workers receive a direct economic benefit and this is what makes “Fair Trade” truly unique.

To obtain certification, farms must meet rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards. Once certified, a guaranteed minimum price is obtained for the product that we export, as well as an additional premium that is administered directly by our agricultural workers. Through formally constituted associations (“Familia Coliman, A.C.” and “Don Jorge, A.C.”), they organize assemblies to vote for projects that improve their quality of life and address the main needs in their communities.

More than just an environmental certification
Fairtrade is the only certification that truly guarantees a social, environmental, economic and human impact.

Fairtrade es la única certificación que realmente garantiza un impacto social, ambiental, económico y humano.

More information at www.fairtrade.net


The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization that seeks the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable human development through the creation of social and environmental standards.

To obtain this certification, criteria such as the conservation of ecosystems and wildlife, the conservation of water resources, fair treatment for workers, comprehensive management of crops and waste, as well as soil conservation, are taken into account, among other variables.

By obtaining this certification in our organic banana farms, we recognize the importance of respecting natural resources such as flora and fauna in our communities.

More information at www.rainforest-alliance.org

Social responsability

Social Responsibility has guided the philosophy of the Coliman Family from the beginning. Being a Socially Responsible Company is a constant search to strengthen the bond with the community of which we are a part; a commitment so that our actions work to solve both environmental and social problems.

Through the ESR Distinction awarded to us in 2021 and for the eleventh consecutive year by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, A.C. (Cemefi) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (AliaRSE), renews our commitment to improve well-being in our country.

More information at www.cemefi.org