Inauguran trabajadores de Coliman Bananas 2a etapa de centro comunitario Fairtrade

Coliman Bananas workers inaugurate the 2nd stage of their Fairtrade community center

The construction of the complex is 50% complete and has been fully financed with the economic premiums received from the purchases of organic bananas under the fair trade model.

With a series of cultural and sports activities, the agricultural workers of Grupo AGGALL-Coliman Bananas, and their families, recently inaugurated the second of three stages of the "Don Jorge Aguilar Heredia" Fairtrade Sociocultural Complex located in the city of Tecomán, Colima.

The event was presented by the representatives of the Fairtrade associations, Silvestre Magaña Chávez and Gustavo Palomeras Reséndiz, accompanied by the Fairtrade committee officer, Erika Reyes Flores, and the advisor Rosa del Carmen Mancilla Gallegos. In addition, there was the visit of officials from the Latin American and Caribbean Coordinator of Small Producers and Fair Trade Workers (CLAC), Jaquelina Vivanco González, strengthening manager; and the regional director of Central America and Mexico, Luis Álvarez, who highlighted that thanks to the union between workers and companies, in a vision of fair trade, it is possible to achieve great projects like this Community Center.

The community center has a total extension of three hectares and its construction is planned to be developed in three phases. With the conclusion of this second stage, the soccer field 7, the multipurpose field, the auditorium and various common spaces are ready to enjoy. The cafeteria, therapeutic pool, soccer field, administrative offices, picnic area and parking lot will eventually be completed. The last stage will end in the middle of 2023, concluding with the construction of a toy library and multipurpose rooms.


According to Jorge Aguilar Jr., general director and president of Grupo AGGALL-Coliman Bananas, this project seeks to benefit more than 6,000 people in the short term. “It is an achievement mainly of the workers, with whom we have made a good synergy accompanying them throughout the process”, he comments.

A little over seven years ago, Coliman Bananas received Fairtrade certification for the first time and since then, more than 20,000 people have benefited through various educational, sports, cultural and health programs. “As a family-owned business, since our foundation we have maintained a philosophy based on ethics and values. Our commitment has always been to take care of the flora and fauna of our fields, but also and mainly, to improve the quality of life of our collaborators and their families, as well as of the communities”, he concludes.


Socially Responsible Company

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About Fairtrade

The Fairtrade program seeks to improve market access and trading conditions for producers and workers on agricultural plantations. To obtain Fairtrade certification, farms must meet rigorous social, environmental and economic standards. 

Once certified, a guaranteed minimum price is obtained for the exported product and an additional premium for agricultural workers who, through assemblies organized in their associations, vote on how to invest the money to improve their quality of life and meet the main needs in their communities. This direct economic benefit is really what makes Fair Trade unique, a process that takes time and dedication to complete.